Goodbye Big Tech~ Hello Ethical Practices

I was excited to find a new social media platform that honored freedom of speech~ Parler. That love affair was shut down after only two months by Amazon. The bad news is that Parler CEO John Matze is under siege (including death threats), and my new group of customers and creative friends are temporarily displaced. Our new thriving networking and marketing channel has been shut down. The good news is that we are still in contact and are all working to create new internet practices in our own lives. The other good news is that since Amazon, Google, and Apple have decided to crush their competition, and to censor people who don't agree with their political bias, I have been on a journey of research into these companies whose practices I never questioned. It has motivated me to finally set up my newsletter and grow my connections with the people who already want to be connected. It has motivated me to find new companies who support human rights and our constitution.

Contrasted by the way Big Tech is acting right now, I want to highlight a company that I love doing business with: . In my latest order from them, I received this perfectly crafted piece of marketing that puts the customer first, answers any foreseen questions, empathizes with other companies:

Going forward, I am still in the process of restructuring my internet use. One change that I have already made is that I have included links to my books to Thriftbooks, who doesn't have statement about freedom of speech on their website, but who treats all authors equally as a practice. I have kept Barnes and Noble who is still treating authors equally. I have added Powell's Books, who has a freedom of speech statement, but who admits openly in that statement they will offer books that are against their political beliefs, but won't promote them. Fair enough. Thank you for that, Powell's. We are in a time of change in the United States, and I want to make and grow respectful connections. I realize that we are readjusting and establishing new boundaries in many areas, so I want to give grace for growth.

Blessings to you. I hope you find ways to make 2021 a year of positive change.

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