Goodbye Facebook and Instagram~ Hello New Perspective

Last year I began to research ways to quit social media. I've read some great books on the effect of social media on our culture, and on strategies for digital minimalism. I hesitated because I watched several artists grow into huge opportunities on Instagram. This year we all watched the Big Tech influence and manipulation at it's strongest point to date, manipulating people of every political stripe. When Instagram instituted their new terms of service to include broader privacy violations, and when Facebook began sending me unsubscribed notifications designed to reel me back into the addiction they have so carefully crafted, I knew I had to delete my accounts, even though I didn't have a clear plan to recreate my marketing reach. Well, I'm an artist, so I went ahead and jumped right in, going with just my gut. I decided to just implement the few ideas that were already on my mind: I am going to blog more often, and share these posts to my new account on Parler, who protects free speech, and on Pinterest, who has always been a solid platform. I am going to finally get my newsletter up and running.

I've been 2 months without Facebook and Instagram, and I don't miss it at all. I no longer have a toxic influence to fight against ( I mean the platform, not the users. It's easy to block users, not the owner), I use that energy for making new things. Parler has been a blessing. Yes, there are many political posts, but I see the longer term value: there are artists on Parler, and we have been encouraging each other, and sharing each other's posts, helping build our follower bases on the new platform. I have only 112 followers as of this post, and I have already received new clients.

For anyone who is worried about losing followers and building new followers, I want to encourage you that I have been exponentially blessed in my two income streams since I quit social media. There is a whole industry built around how to beat algorithms in order to get more eyes on your work. I asked myself where my business actually comes from and I realized that word of mouth and just having my work out on a few different platforms is what has brought me work. Hugh MacLeod had the best marketing advice:

By the way, I have been using DuckDuckGo for my internet browser, and it is quite an eye opener because they reveal who is trying to track you as you move around the web.

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