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Images from
Gracie and The Radar Girls:

Gracie Cover final 72dpi share all awards.webp
color study gracie at home sepia with books copy.jpg
page 26 27 final CMYK .jpg
gracie pag 18 19 final CMYK.jpg
pg 24 25 final 300dpi CMYK .jpg
pg 30 31 final cmyk.jpg
page 28 final CMYK .jpg
pg 35 final CMYK .jpg

Images from Forever Young:

Forever Young Book Cover low res 150.jpg
Forever Young finals  8 9 low res copy.jpg
Forever Young finals 6 7 lo res.jpg
Forever Young finals 24 25 low res.jpg
Forever Young finals 28 29 low print.jpg

Images from Life Lessons:

Life Lessons book cover for website.jpg
Page 3 72dpi_edited.jpg
Page 4 72 dpi_edited.jpg
page 56 72dpi_edited.jpg
page 32 72dpi_edited.jpg
page 36 72dpi_edited.jpg

Images from Home:

Pages 12 & 13 Final 72 dpi TIFF.tif
Page 19 Final art 72 dpi.tif
page 23 final 72 dpi TIFF.tif
Porfolio Sample 2 72 dpi.jpg
page 27 final 72 dpi TIFF.tif

Portfolio Work:

Brothers with yellow 300dpi.jpg
The Secret by Lyn Meredith_edited.jpg
the boy and the pigeons, 300dpi adj jpeg
Spring Spirit 300 dpi.jpg
img621 1.jpg
The Princess and The Frog 300 dpi enhanc
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