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Images from Life Lessons:

Life Lessons book cover for website.jpg
Page 3 72dpi_edited.jpg
Page 4 72 dpi_edited.jpg
page 56 72dpi_edited.jpg
page 32 72dpi_edited.jpg
page 36 72dpi_edited.jpg

Images from Home:

Pages 12 & 13 Final 72 dpi TIFF.tif
Page 19 Final art 72 dpi.tif
page 23 final 72 dpi TIFF.tif
Porfolio Sample 2 72 dpi.jpg
page 27 final 72 dpi TIFF.tif

Portfolio Work:

Brothers with yellow 300dpi.jpg
The Secret by Lyn Meredith_edited.jpg
the boy and the pigeons, 300dpi adj jpeg
Spring Spirit 300 dpi.jpg
img621 1.jpg
The Princess and The Frog 300 dpi enhanc
calico int.jpg
Portfolio sample~  Friends 10 yrs old 30
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