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I have been chained to my computer since August

I started a digital illustration class. Wowee! It was a steep learning curve at first, but now I am buzzing around almost as well as the 20 somethings in my class. Here are a couple of examples of the art I've done since the beginning of class. The poster for the International Coffee Hour on our campus was done in Adobe Illustrator.

This next image is an avatar of me. I was so happy to find brushes that imitate my actual art supplies so that I can illustrate in my normal style. It took a lot of trial and error, but it was a great learning experience.

Also: exciting! I was finally able to design my own promotional mailers. They should arrive next week and then I will start a mailing campaign. This is the front of the mailer:

This is the back of the mailer:

Back to the drawing board. Talk to you kids later.

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