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Inking is fun. Of course, I had to get out all my inks and nibs and a new Kuretake brush pen. I tried filling the brush pen with Black Star Matte ink. Yes, I loved the brush-y inking, but the ink was too grey for me, and it didn't work for the small details. The search for the right ink to put into my brush pen will have to wait until I finish the books in my studio. I also played with my usual Comic G nib and the Brause rose nib. I ended up settling on my trusty ole Dr. Ph Martin's bombay ink and a Brause pumpkin nib. FUN! Ink and dip pens are literally irresistible to me. No artist block can survive a bottle of ink and a jar of dip pens sitting on my table.

Here is the aftermath of my tests:

By the way, it's dangerous to have food and drink by your art supplies. This photo shows me breaking the rules. Fortunately, I didn't end up drinking ink.

Yay me! Getting stuff done. This is my analog command station. To the right is my Kanban board for keeping track of where I am in my projects. It is satisfying to move the sticky notes over to the done column.


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